Infant Mental Health

Are you a new mom who is struggling with “life with the baby?”

It is believed that the quality of relationships during the first three years of a person’s life lays the foundation for all future relationships. Young children are uniquely sensitive to the emotional well-being and life circumstances of their caregivers, which can profoundly affect the quality of infant-caregiver relationships and the young child’s ability to regulate and express emotions. Babies depend on the well-being of their primary caregivers to thrive physically and emotionally. As an Infant Mental Health therapist I believe that supporting both you and your baby is crucial to optimizing your child’s current and future functioning. So, what exactly is “Infant Mental Health”? In a nutshell, it is supporting the optimal development of babies and young children within the context of the primary caregiving relationships.

Sometimes events happen in life that disrupt or derail a young child’s development. If you or your child have had painful, even traumatic life experiences, or if you are suffering with depression or anxiety, it may be interfering with the development of a secure relationship between you and your baby. If you want help with resolving the trauma from your past, support with the development of a secure attachment relationship with your young child, or help with understanding your young child’s big feelings, I can help you. Don’t hesitate, call me to schedule a phone consultation today.