Stress and Anxiety

Do you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? It's time to kick anxiety to the curb and we can help!

On the outside your life looks great, but on the inside you feel like a mess and you're struggling to keep it together.

You have so much tension in your body that sometimes you feel like a rat on a wheel and you can't ever seem to sit down and just relax.

Maybe that voice in your head keeps commenting on everything you're doing wrong, telling you what you should have done and calling you names and it just won't shut up.

"What were you thinking?" "Everyone is looking at you!" "Dummy!"  Maybe you really want to be able to go with the flow and have some fun, but you just can't stop thinking about the never-ending To Do List that you can't seem to get through and you can't stop beating yourself up because of it!

Maybe your thoughts won't stop looping round and round in your head and it makes you feel like you're literally on a Merry-Go-Round that just won't stop, and all you want is relief. Or, maybe you're struggling to think at all, you can't grasp your words and you feel so embarrassed.

Perhaps you're so worried about making a mistake or doing something wrong that you play it super safe and now you feel immobilized and deep inside you know that you're missing out on living life.

There can be a fine line between stress and anxiety. Stress is a normal response to external circumstances, and can be short-term, such as related to a temporary increase in workload, an impending deadline, an argument or a change in job or living situation. It can also be longer term, such as related to chronic circumstances like dealing with lack of needed support, or a chronic illness.

Sometimes stress can be a motivator and when harnessed properly it can help us make needed changes in our lives. However, oftentimes, stress takes on a different form by becoming extreme, chronic or morphing into anxiety in the form of excessive worries that won't go away, or into unexplainable physical symptoms in the body, even in the absence of identifiable stressors.

People under extreme stress and anxiety can experience a variety of mental and physical symptoms such as irritability, anger, emotional flooding, obsessive thinking, fatigue, body aches and pains, digestive troubles, feeling like you can't catch your breath and struggling to go to sleep or stay asleep.

Anxiety can present behaviorally in the form of perfectionism, difficulty upholding preferred personal boundaries, impulsivity, acting out in anger, self-destructive behavior or self-harm, emotional eating, fear of participating in social situations compulsive behaviors, or even an inability to go out into the world.

It may feel like anxiety is running the show, but it doesn't have to anymore! It's time to kick anxiety to the curb and claim the life that you want and deserve!

Our clinicians will teach you about nervous system regulation, help you identify the thinking traps that have taken hold and support you in taking the steps to calm your body, your mind, your emotions and reclaim your life!

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