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In-Person Services

Office-Based and Walk and Talk Therapy

Our clinicians are very excited to meet you in person! We are located in a private and serene setting on the south end of Boardman Lake in Traverse City. We offer cozy and comfortable private offices that offer breathtaking views of nature and wildlife on and around the lake. We have chosen this setting because we believe that the serenity offered here provides an additional path to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, we are located just a stone's throw from the TART trail surrounding the lake, which offers our clients the option of participating in Walk and Talk Therapy, which has an increasing body of evidence. One of the many benefits of Walk and Talk therapy is that it offers opportunities to bring embodiment to the therapy process through movement and engagement of the senses. For many individuals, it is more comfortable to have deep discussions when moving and when eye contact is not expected. Many studies also show that movement is a natural antidote to depression and anxiety. If you are interested in the possibility of participating in Walk and Talk Therapy, we would be happy to talk with you about how this form of treatment may benefit you personally, as well as address any potential drawbacks. So, whether you choose to stay indoors, venture outdoors, or mix it up, we look forward to meeting with you in person! Contact us today for more information.